Forgot WhatsApp PIN? Here’s how to reset

not only the Whatsappbut several other programs and applications have started to create greater security coverage within the accounts: the two-step confirmation it’s the PIN. The idea is to minimize problems with the creation of fake accounts, cyber crimes, improper transfers and other problems caused by malicious people. The use of these mechanisms is not … Read more

Netflix: Here’s How to Disconnect Your TV Account

With many subscribers around the world, Netflix is a streaming platform filled with content. You can watch your favorite movies, series, variety shows and reality shows through numerous devices such as computers, cell phones, tablets and also TVs. It may be that, for some specific reason, you need to disconnect your Netflix account from the … Read more

5 reasons to invest in a website for your brand

Creating a business is not always easy, but with dedication and focus on goals, it is possible to achieve interesting results. Many people have already conquered a place in the market, either by innovating in their products or in the way they are presented to the consumer. Thus, once these issues have already been settled, … Read more

How to record samsung phone screen

You cell phones from Samsunglike other Android models, let you do the recording your screen. With this function, it is possible to capture videos from the internet, live events, and everything that is being displayed on your device. To do this, just use a feature of the cell phone itself, or a specific application. Today … Read more

Windows 11: update is breaking apps; see how to uninstall

Microsoft has recommended Windows 11 users to uninstall KB5012643, an optional update that brings fixes to the operating system, but is causing crashes in several applications, especially those using the .NET Framework 3.5. Crashes consist of unexpected crashes that occur from installation to upgrade. The .NET Framework is software that loads and runs applications that … Read more