Boston Dynamics: video shows that robot goes beyond dances

The manufacturer Boston Dynamics published a new commercial for the robot spotthe company’s “artificial dog” that is capable of complete movements and has gone viral several times on social networks.

For the new clip, called “No Time do Dance” (“No Time to Dance”), the highlight is precisely the expectation experienced by a factory employee when working with a Spot: the man thinks his new robotic colleague will only dances, as he’s seen this happening several times on YouTube, but in fact, the robot is also an exemplary employee.

He is only satisfied after finally being able to rehearse a few steps with his partner. Check out:

The video shows Spot in action in serious moments: the robotic dog is able to record videos of its rounds, take sensory readings with a team on the computer or carry out checks of temperature changes in factories, for example.

Spot has been commercially sold since June 2020 for $75,000 per unit and is already used for monitoring in places such as factories of Hyundai, which is the current owner of Boston Dynamics.

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