Forgot WhatsApp PIN? Here’s how to reset

not only the Whatsappbut several other programs and applications have started to create greater security coverage within the accounts: the two-step confirmation it’s the PIN. The idea is to minimize problems with the creation of fake accounts, cyber crimes, improper transfers and other problems caused by malicious people.

The use of these mechanisms is not mandatory and is at the discretion of each user. However, many people who use the WhatsApp PIN end up forgetting the sequence of numbers and losing access to the messenger. To help you, we created a small tutorial that teaches how to reset the WhatsApp PIN and the two-step confirmation. Come with us!

PIN and 2-Step Confirmation on WhatsApp

Once you include the two-step confirmation in your Whatsappthe program asks for a 6-digit numeric sequence, a PIN or a unique “password” that may be required by the app on a regular basis to maintain privacy and allow you to record your access.

However, just like any other password, there can be difficulties in accessing when you forget your access. That’s why there is the inclusion of an e-mail address along with the creation of the PIN and gives two-step confirmation.

It is through it that a possible reset link can be sent to guarantee access to Whats after problems with the password, since it is not possible to disable the request of the PIN without the two-step confirmation also be deactivated. That is, uninstalling or deleting the Whatsappdoes not reset or disable the Two-Step Confirmation PIN.

How to reset WhatsApp PIN

When registering the PIN as a security method, you also set the email address for 2-step confirmation. To reset your PIN:

1) Open WhatsApp. During the access request with the PIN, tap “Forgot your PIN?” and then click on “Send email”. The messenger will send to the email you registered a link to create a new PIN, which can replace the one you lost. Write down the new password created and use it whenever WhatsApp requests it;

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2) On your email provider’s screen, look for the message from Whatsapp and open the received link by tapping “CONFIRM”.

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3) Open the Whatsapp, tap “Forgot PIN?” a second time. and then Reset.

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Pretty easy to reset WhatsApp PIN, isn’t it? Now just record your new password and maintain the security and integrity of your messenger with extra protection for your account.

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