Google Chrome tests smart shortcut for Android users

Google is releasing a new button next to Chrome’s address bar for Android that intelligently adjusts to the browser’s usage. Published this Tuesday (3) by Android Policethe feature works as a shortcut with four configuration options: based on activity, new tab, share or voice search.

When activated in the “according to activity” option, the functionality is able to analyze which of the items you are using the most in the browser at a given moment, changing the selector intelligently. In the other three options, a button is fixed so that you can perform actions faster.

Source: Google/Screenshot by Android Police/Playback.Source: Google/Screenshot by Android Police/Playback.Source: Google/Telea capture

The new button, which has been in testing since June 2021, should be made available to all users in the Chrome 101 version, which is now stably available on Google Play. But, if you don’t want to use automatic selection, the function can be disabled through a manual selector, which appears as soon as the icon is pressed.

For those who want to try the feature, it is possible to activate it by adjusting the flag chrome://flags/#adaptive-button-in-top-toolbar-customization.

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