Google Previews Privacy Sandbox for Android 13

This Thursday (28), Google released the first preview of its Privacy Sandbox, based on Android 13, for its developers. The tool, which works as a development environment isolated from the rest of an operating system, should facilitate the implementation of measures that enhance data security end users — especially in view of the display of ads on the platform.

Comparable to Apple’s latest decisions, Google’s move marks the beginning of a long-term plan to improve data privacy in the realm of advertising on Android. In this context, the recently released tool has exclusive APIs and services, requiring an independent release of the latest beta version of Android 13 available. One of the main innovations is the debut of API Topicswhich reviews how user data is leveraged in advertisements with new filters and information processing.

In addition to providing the Android SDK and Android Emulator (64-bit), the release also provides OS images for the Pixel 4 and other newer devices, built together with the Privacy Sandbox. However, it is worth mentioning that interested users must still manually install the novelty before testing it. On the other hand, Google also made a preview of the new codes available on its Github.

New Google APIs should guarantee greater privacy to Android users.  (Source: Pexes)New Google APIs should guarantee greater privacy to Android users. (Source: Pexes)Source: Pexels

Taking a more cautious approach than Apple, Google expects to periodically update the tool in the future based on developer feedback with new features. Possibly, the intention is to minimize controversy in the niche, as well as the sudden loss of profit from the ad sector, which reached 20% in the case of its main competitor.

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