How to Add Categories and Labels in Gmail

THE Gmail It has functions to create categories and bookmarks to organize incoming emails. The first allows incoming messages to be automatically sent to standard sessions of the service itself. The other, on the other hand, makes you create a kind of folder to gather a specific subject or recipient, performing the process manually, or creating rules for the allocation.

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Today TecMundo explains how the functions work and how you can configure them in your Gmail account. Check out:

How to create a new label in Gmail?

Bookmark is a kind of folder where you can organize your emails by a specific sender subject, or another criterion chosen by you. To configure the bookmarks for your account, follow the steps:

1. Open Gmail in your browser;

2. In the left column, click on the “More” option;

The "More" option is located in the left columnThe “More” option is located in the left columnSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

3. Then, in the new options that appeared on the screen, click on “Create new bookmark”

4. Then, fill in the name of your bookmark and indicate if it will be a subcategory of a category that already exists in your email account;

You need to name the new bookmarkYou need to name the new bookmarkSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

5. Now, just check the new bookmark created in the column.

How to edit colors and other options for a Label in Gmail?

Once you’ve created a Bookmark, you can customize some options to make it easier to organize your emails in it, and even make it look more prominent. Check out;

1. In the Bookmark created, click on the options with three dots next to your name;

2. Next, a series of options will appear on the screen. The first one allows you to configure the Marker color to make it easier to see it on the main screen;

Marker configuration optionsMarker configuration optionsSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

3. The other option concerns the display of the Marker among the others. You can configure it so that it is only visible if you have an unread message, for example;

4. Finally, you can also Remove the Bookmark, in case you don’t want to use it anymore, and also add a Sub Bookmark, which works as a subcategory of the folder.

How to organize categories in Gmail?

Gmail categories work like standard Inbox rules. For example, an email may be sent to a “Promotion” category if the service understands it to be an advertisement message or a similar theme.

However, you can configure the categories yourself, hiding or adding elements. Check out:

1. On Gmail’s main screen, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner;

2. Then, click on the option “See all settings”;

Go to "See all settings" option to open more optionsGo to “See all settings” option to open more optionsSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

3. Next, click on the “Inbox” tab;

The "Inbox" tab is in the third optionThe “Inbox” tab is in the third optionSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

4. In the option “Type of Inbox”, select the option “Default”;

After changing the Inbox option to "Default", it is possible to change the Categories that will be displayedAfter changing the Inbox option to “Default”, it is possible to change the Categories that will be displayedSource: Reproduction / TecMundo

5. Now just check and uncheck the boxes for the type of category you want to appear in your Inbox.

Okay, now that you know how to add Bookmarks and configure Gmail Categories, you can customize your account to configure your Inbox to facilitate the organization of your messages.

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