Justin Bieber will no longer be able to buy or drive Ferraris

Ferrari announced on Tuesday (3) that singer Justin Bieber has been included in a list of company restrictions and will no longer be able to either buy or drive vehicles from the famous Italian brand. The ban was decreed by the historic company of Maranello after repeated negligence by the Canadian singer-songwriter with his Ferrari 458, a car valued at more than BRL 2.3 million.

Bieber’s first infraction took place in 2015, when he simply lost his Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition 2011. The star would have participated in a club in Beverly Hills and, upon leaving, forgot where he had parked the car. But, it seems, the singer did not worry too much and only discovered the vehicle a few weeks later.

Another “sacrilege” occurred when Justin Bieber took the supercar to be customized by West Coast Customs, which even has a series on Netflix, but no connection with Ferrari. Result: the car, which is considered a work of art, was painted neon bluesomething like painting the Mona Lisa bright pink.

Justin Bieber’s Other Ferrari Infractions

Source: Shutterstock/Reproduction.Source: Shutterstock/Reproduction.Source: Shutterstock

In addition to replacing the original white with an electrified color, Bieber had a 2,000-watt sound system installed, light metal alloy wheels, as well as a Liberty Walk bodykit, with apparent screws and, to take a black flag, the color change of the logo of the prancing horse on the steering wheel, from red to blue.

But the worst was yet to come: Hailey’s husband decided to auction his Ferrari 458 without the automaker’s consent, an attitude that is considered a very serious offense by the Italian. Among the clauses in the contract that Ferrari buyers sign is one that gives the manufacturer to buy back its vehicle in these cases.

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