Netflix: Here’s How to Disconnect Your TV Account

With many subscribers around the world, Netflix is a streaming platform filled with content. You can watch your favorite movies, series, variety shows and reality shows through numerous devices such as computers, cell phones, tablets and also TVs.

It may be that, for some specific reason, you need to disconnect your Netflix account from the television. In general terms, the process to complete this task is quite simple. Check out the step by step of two available methods below.

How to disconnect Netflix on TV?

1. With your smart TV remote, launch the Netflix app and open your profile;

2. Then, access the side menu and click on “Help”, located in the footer;

3. A new screen will appear and in it you must press the “End session” button;

4. Confirm the action and log out of your account.

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

How to disconnect Netflix from TV on computer?

In addition to performing this process manually, it is also possible to do it remotely. In this way, access your Netflix account through your PC and click on the upper right side menu. Then click on “Account”, scrolling to the bottom until you reach Settings.

(Netflix/Play)(Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

In that field, look for “Sign out on all devices”. After that, your account will be closed on all connected devices.

(Netflix/Play)(Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

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