Roku Express: See the specs and how to install on TV

THE Roku Express is one of the platform extenders of streaming that are currently available on the market to transform your TV on a smart device. For the price of BRL 199.90, consumers will be able to enjoy numerous channels available, whether free or paid.

See, below, the main specifications of the product, which is now available for purchase in Brazil and occasionally appears on sale. Also check out how to install the streaming device on a TV.

Roku Express specs

In addition to the device itself, the package also includes an HDMI cable, a USB power cable, two AAA batteries and an infrared remote control – standard of the brand with several shortcuts. Compatible with HD or Full HD TVs up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) and with support for 720p u-scaling, the item has coverage on single-band 802.11bgn wireless networks.

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Along with that, there are also micro-USB power and HDMI 1.4b inputs, so cables can be connected without much fuss. Power input specifications are 5V – 1A, consuming up to 2.2W in streaming.

The 3930BR model, which weighs 31g and fits the dimensions 3.81cm wide x 1.9cm thick x 7.6cm long, can still be combined with powerful audio features such as DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio and Dolby ATMOS, both connected via HDMI. In general terms, the device also works very well with digital stereo via HDMI.

How to install Roku Express on television?

In general, the installation of Roku Express on the television is very simple. See the step by step:

1. With the device in hand, at first, adjust it close to the television, positioning it strategically so that the remote control can reach it without complications. Remember that, in some cases, you need to have an extra outlet close to the location.

2. Therefore, take the HDMI cable included in the product package and connect it to the TV. Usually from the side or back of the device.


3. If your TV has USB input, connect this specific cable to the device and also to the TV. If it does not have a USB port, use the nearest outlet using a power adapter with micro-USB support.

4. Insert the included AAA batteries into the remote control and turn on the device.

5. With the Roku turned on, select your preferred browsing language, then connect it to your wireless internet network.

6. Finally, create a profile on Roku Express by adding basic login information. To do so, follow the specific instructions that will appear on the screen.

7. Ready! You will already be able to view a series of applications that will be installed on the device. If you want to install others, just go to the official app store.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to using the remote control, you can also use your smartphone’s specific media sharing features for direct playback on the television.

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Streaming Player Roku Express

Watch your favorite movies, series and shows straight from your TV. With Roku Express you turn your TV into a Smart TV, with easy setup and HD and Full HD quality, compatible with iOS and Android.

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