WhatsApp: see how to transcribe audios

Transcribing WhatsApp audios may be necessary in several situations, such as during an interview via messenger or even when receiving a file with the explanation of an important matter. However, depending on the size of the audio, the time invested to be able to hear and write everything can impact some people’s routine.

With that in mind, we brought a tutorial teaching our readers to use Transcriber (Android) and Transcrypto (IOS), software capable of transforming audio into text easily and quickly. Check it out below!

1. Download the app on your cell phone

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

The first step to start transcribing your audios is to download the applications on your smartphone. It is important to remember that despite having a very similar functionality, the software for Android and IOS are different. Therefore, click on the name of your device’s operating system below to be redirected and perform the installation.

  • android
  • IOS

2. Transcribe the desired audios

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

As stated above, the functionality of both applications is very similar, and you should follow the same step by step for both software. So, after installing them on your cell phone, open the Whatsapp and press your finger on the audio you want to transcribe.

An options menu will appear, click “To share” and then choose the app you just downloaded on mobile. Then the app will open and you have to select “Transcribe” or “Transcribe” to start transcription.

At the IOSyou also need to change the language to Portuguese by selecting “Change Language” and then choosing “Portugu√™s (Brasil)”.

3. Review the text and correct errors

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

Once the transcript is finished, correct any grammatical errors found and export the text to other platforms, such as Google Docs and Word. Ready! Now you know how to transcribe your audios whenever you need to.

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