Windows 11: New Colors Are Coming to Task Manager

Microsoft has already released several updates for the Windows 11 Task Manager, including user experience improvements with dark mode, efficiency mode, and new icons. Another change to come is new color scheme for the app, as demonstrated in the latest Windows Insiders webcast.

Currently, Task Manager uses a mustard heat map to demonstrate resource utilization by service. Microsoft, however, is working on greater integration of the operating system’s highlight colors with the heatmap. Check out the comparison below;

Current Task Manager Template (Source: Microsoft/Reproduction)Current Task Manager Template (Source: Microsoft/Reproduction)Source: Microsoft

The new update introduces menus on the left panel in place of tabs, with new icons, as well as integration with the general theme of Windows 11, with light or dark mode. The level of customization still allows choose an accent color for the heat map.

(Source: Windows Insiders/NeoWin/Play)(Source: Windows Insiders/NeoWin/Play)Source: NeoWin

The novelty is intended to allow users to customize the system according to their personal taste. According to the website NeowinMicrosoft emphasized that this is not yet the version that will be sent to Insiders, but that the Task Manager customization will arrive in a future update.

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